So maybe I haven’t been the best at keeping up with my blog lately…..ha, well I haven’t had internet at my house, so that’s my excuse. My Internship at Viewpoint Studios has been going great this past month….I haven’t broken anything yet, or just been really dumb to  my relief haha.But yea, I have had a really great photographer which I have been working under, and he is a good teacher to learn from. Interning has been keeping me pretty busy, so I haven’t been shooting much outside of work, but I thought I would post a couple of things that I’ve been doing.


This is a shot I did at the studio. We were slow one day and Ryan(my supervisor) let me do my own thing. I wasn’t prepared for anything so it’s just some random props I gathered and threw together.

As you can see,I have been working SO HARD.

I love all my new friends from work….but I REALLY miss all my RCC peeps!!!!!



Self-Promo 3&4

Two more self promos were due this week,I shot in the studio for both of them.I wanted to do a product shot for one promo, and then more of a creative concept for the other.So I shot the dove body wash(which I love!)with glycerin sprayed on the bottle for a water look. The more creative picture was an idea I’ve had since I came to school here. I guess you could say the theme is burying your past, which came the title of a song my husband and I wrote.